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Web Hosting Guide - Choosing a Web Hosting Company for Your Business

As a customer, always make sure to get the best web hosting plan. Scrutinize if they can provide high-quality service and provide around-the-clock technical support and web hosting solutions.

Most companies are offering a myriad of bonuses and added features to lure as many customers as possible. Some would even go beyond the usual offers, like offering dedicated servers and virtual servers to their web hosting plans

Here are some basic guidelines when choosing an affordable web host:

  • It should provide at least 99 percent network uptime.
  • It should provide 24/7 technical support (e.g. online or phone support).
  • It has at least 30-days money back guarantee.
  • It has web site stats, provides spam and virus protection, a CGI, Perl, and SSl support.
  • It offers unrestricted FTP access with multiple FTP accounts.
  • It has web site building tools with free web page templates.
  • It offers multiple POP3 and IMAP email accounts (with web mail support).

On the other hand, if someone is planning to start a web hosting business, he/she must purchase an existing server. This can be bought from bigger companies as these typically buy space that comes in bulk size and then resell it to smaller amounts to people who are looking for space for their personal or business site.

For example, a person can purchased a 60 MB space, and then sell off the 50 MB to several clients who are looking for dedicated servers. The original server will manage all of these accounts and will provide personal contacts to the clients who made the purchase. The original server is also responsible for the technical maintenance of the accounts it had sold.

If someone really wants to succeed in the web hosting reseller business, the person must acquire a wide range of technical skills to provide quality service to the customers. This means that an IT background is important in running this kind of business. Knowledge in software applications, computer-related transactions (e.g. web design, technical maintenance, e-commerce, etc.), servers, HTML, etc., will certainly give someone a competitive edge in the industry of web reselling.

Another great advantage of having computer skills is that the person can minimize his/her losses as there is no need to employ technical staff, saving him/her huge sums of money. And besides, it is long widely-held that passive businessmen who refuse to learn their own industry is doomed for failure.

If the person is planning to further expand his/her business, a bigger and more reliable technical support is required. As the business grows, more clients will demand technical assistance. Always bear in mind that those companies that excel in the industry are those that provide the most reliable and outstanding customer support. This implies that clients can easily get in touch with their server in case there is a problem with the service.

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