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Web Hosting Tools

We have gathered a list of helpful web hosting tools that can make your job a little easier when you are working on your website.

Domain Tools:

  • DNSstuff - DNS lookup, whois information, traceroot and 50+ robust tools.
  • DomainsBot - The domain name search engine. Provides suggestions, etc.
  • NameBoy - Domain name suggestions by entering in keywords.
  • DomainTools - Whois lookup and domain name tools. Lots of nice tools!

Website Uptime Tools:

  • AlertBot - 24/7 site monitoring; stats; more. Free trial.
  • Wormly - Monitor your site with multiple sensors; lots of features.
  • SiteUptime - Free and paid plans available.

Website Tracking and Statistic Tools:

  • ClickDensity - Heat maps for seeing how users look at your site. Very informative.
  • ClickTale - Record users and see how they move on your site. Almost creepy. :)

We plan on adding more useful links soon. Let us know if you have any helpful tools that we can add to our list.

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